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MBA Programme


York St John University

About Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

Established in 1947 as the British Institute of Management, CMI was founded in the wake of the Second World War to help rebuild British industry. Our goal remains the same today as it was then: to raise the quality and standard of management in the workplace. Having developed the very first diploma in management studies, we have remained at the forefront of management training and thinking ever since.

CMI Royal Charter

Chartered status was achieved in 2002, when the Chartered Management Institute was created. The Royal Charter was granted by the Privy Council on 12 February 2002 and came into effect on 1 April 2002.


What does CMI Royal Charter mean in practice?

First and foremost, it recognises the practice of management as a profession. It identifies the benefits that good management has both on the individual as a career, and for society as a whole by improving our national institutions.

Second, it recognises CMI as the standard-bearer for that profession. Our charter means that we are recognised as the leading authority on management practice.

It formalises our members’ commitment to uphold professional standards and keep their skills and competencies up to date. This is an undertaking contained in the CMI Code of Conduct and Practice and the IC Code of Professional Conduct and Practice.

Most tangibly, our Royal Charter allows us to award Chartered Manager status, the highest accolade for professional managers in the UK. Chartered Managers are committed to upholding our standards and have demonstrated their experience and impact as managers and leaders.

Certified Transformational Leader

Certified Transformational Leadership (CTL) award is endorsed by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).  CTL programme has 6 modules which are delivered and assessed by a panel of specialist tutors from HMC. Certified Transformational Leader award is equivalent to a level 7 Post Graduate Diploma in the UK. The entire CTL award can be completed within 6 months.

The above programme is suitable for middle to senior managers working in government organisations, employees working in the private sector as well as individuals who aspire to be managers in the near future.



  • Module 1 - Business Model Transformation

How to create a Transformation Business Model framework for incremental value creation

  • Module 2 - Strategic Planning

How to design and review a strategic planning process for existing business and new start ups

  • Module 3 - Leading Strategy Design

How to design and implement Transformational Strategy

  • Module 4 - Leading Strategic Change

How to Understand, Plan and Progress Strategic Change using a Conceptual Model

  • Module 5 - Enabling Organisational Transformation

How to ensure Organisational Transformational Agenda is achievable

  • Module 6 - Strategic Thinking for Transformation

How to Achieve the Organisational Transformation Agenda

Stage 1 (over six months) is six modules of training as a Certified Transformational Leader accredited by the Chartered Management Institute, with delivery options to suit you:

  • 100% online learning, managed through our learning management system and supported through Zoom meetings

  • Monthly face-to-face workshops supported by training manuals, online learning and Zoom meetings

  • Assessment through personal learning logs and case study analysis tailored to your business or sector


Stage 2 (over six months), a Capstone Project module leading to the MBA awarded by York St John University, UK

  • Assessment is an applied research proposal and a 12,000-word Capstone Project report

  • To fit your business's needs​

  • Monthly research workshops

  • One-to-one Zoom or face-to-face supervision as required

  • You are a registered student of York St John University

Study Mode

  • Face to Face Model

CTL Modules are generally delivered in pairs- 2 modules are delivered over 4 full days (one residence). The entire 6 modules are delivered over 3 residential courses generally 6 to 8 weeks apart. Course delivery will be organised in participants’ country of residence (or at an agreed nearby destination) and training sessions will be conducted by our specialist panel of tutors approved by CMI. A level 7 CTL award can be completed within six months.


  • Tutor Live Model

The entire programme (6 modules) will be delivered as a combination of “tutor live” learning as well as face to face interaction towards the end of the course. Modules are delivered in pairs and will generally be 6 to 8 weeks apart. Tutor Live version follows a course structure which involves 4 out of 6 modules to be delivered using professional Zoom sessions- a robust virtual learning platform.


Final 2 modules will be delivered as a continuous 4-day residential course (face to face) in participants’ country of residence (or at an agreed nearby destination)


Progression-MBA top-up

Upon completion of the CTL award, participants will have the option to register for their MBA (top-up) course with York St John, University. Learners will simply need to complete a 12,000 words dissertation. Successful submission/completion of dissertation will lead to MBA qualification from York, St John’s University.


This 12-month programme leads to the York St John University MBA in

Transformational Leadership Strategy. It will be of value to you if you are

looking to:

  • Improve your transformational leadership skills

  • Expand the number of potential job opportunities for which you qualify

  • Differentiate yourself as a job candidate

  • Re-energise and accelerate your career

  • Establish or change your own business


Throughout and after the course we see in our participants:

  • Increased readiness for transformational challenges

  • Immediate impact in their workplace or business

  • Heightened confidence and sense of achievement

  • Recognition among peers, mentors, managers and leaders

  • Improved communication

  • Expanded (growth) mindset


As well as the MBA from York St John University, UK, you will receive the Certified Transformational Leader award from the Chartered Management Institute, UK, which is your pathway to enrolling as a York St John student.

The York St John University MBA in Transformational Leadership Strategy

This course is for leaders who want to enhance their strategy and change management abilities or those who aspire to be future transformational leaders. The dual CMI Certified Transformational Leader and York Business School MBA in Transformational Leadership Strategy develop your essential understanding of issues relating to strategic organisational transformation and change. It enhances your ability to maximise individual and organisational potential. You study 100% online and get a Master of Business Administration degree from York St John University which is fully accredited by the British Government and whose degrees are recognised worldwide. The Certified Transformational Leader award (CTL) is recognised and awarded by the Chartered Management Institute. CMI has approved our partner to deliver the CTL face-to-face and online. York St John University has validated the CTL as a pathway to the MBA.


This is not a typical MBA. It’s far more than an academic course; it’s a mentoring programme that you are guided through by our experienced MBA educators.



Assessments are practical and pragmatic, adding value to your work or business. In the taught units there are personal reflections on your learning and leadership, and case study analysis. There are no exams or tests. The capstone applied research project assessment is a short presentation and a 12,000 - 15,000 words report.



You are supported in your studies by our online core curriculum, consisting of carefully curated educational material and activities. This is supplemented by two one-hour group mentoring clinics most weeks of the year, where one of our experienced educators’ answers questions on the course and delivers additional material outside of the core curriculum.


Once a month one of the weekly clinics is substituted by a public online webinar where our senior academics interview special guests to present and discuss fresh leadership thinking.

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Registration Opens

Registration is now opened for CTL and MBA program, click below button to find our more. 

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