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About IES and ICI

International Education Society (IES) was founded in 1997. Since then, IES has established itself as one of the leading specialists in the field of international certification. They provide our services to educational institutions, especially secondary schools, universities and lifelong learning institutes.

IES  is accepted worldwide. It has already issued more than 60.000 international certificates, which have been used by their holders not only in European countries, but also in the USA and Canada. In Asia, Edu Edge Academy is appointed as the sole certification partner.

Within the IES and ICI cooperation, an ICI certificate was developed describing the graduate’s professional competencies. It provides informed employers with a comprehensive overview of the graduate’s knowledge and skills.

ICI certificates are obtained automatically by graduates of certified schools along with IES certificates. This certificate is issued in English only and it can be in printed or electronic version.

What Is Certification?

Certification is a review in which an independent certification body certifies that the expertise of an individual, or the processes, products and systems of a company, meet certain requirements. These requirements vary depending on the certification and are derived from current norms and standards within the area.


Why Is Certification Necessary?

Certification is ultimately about trust. It is a way of setting standards and ensuring quality. With certification, you can certify your expertise, enhance trust in your business and provide an assurance that your products, management systems and facilities operate and comply with important requirements. For purchasers and end customers, it signifies compliance with quality requirements, regular follow-ups and a reliable transaction. IES and ICI certification will increase your credit internationally, you will gain a competitive edge and draw the public’s attention to the merits of your school.


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